Occupational Rehabilitation

CAC is an approved Occupational Rehabilitation Provider with WorkSafe Victoria. 


Our experienced Rehabilitation Consultants provide services to support a safe and sustainable return to work with the pre-injury employer (Original Employer Services), while our Vocational Specialists are skilled at assisting others to identify and secure suitable work with an alternate employer (New Employer Services).

View this WorkSafe Victoria video to find out more.

Employee Wellbeing

For over twenty years, CAC has been delivering tailored interventions to improve employee health and wellbeing within organisations.  Our services are aimed to not only prevent injury, but to improve engagement and productivity in the workplace, including: 

  • Ergonomic assessments and recommendations to address existing physical and psychological risks.

  • Preparation and delivery of training programs in relation to stress management, manual handling, or ergonomics.

  • Facilitated discussions/case conferencing/mediation to address workplace conflict, and work towards practical solutions.

  • Team building programs to build resilience within the workplace, and develop skills in meeting challenging demands.

  • Management/employee coaching to assist in supporting effective work behaviours and productivity.

  • On-site mental health programs, including both individual and group-based interventions based on identified needs.


Counselling Services

CAC has nine experienced Psychologists on staff, all able to provide counselling support to assist individuals with managing: 

  • Depression, anxiety, and other psychological symptoms.

  • Workplace difficulties, including interpersonal conflict, lack of role clarity, or poor job satisfaction.

  • Personal issues, including difficult or challenging relationships.

  • Trauma, grief and loss.

  • Addiction problems, including gambling, drug, alcohol and substance abuse.

  • Critical incident debriefing and associated support.

CAC delivers Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services to many organisations across Melbourne, involving our Psychologists providing confidential counselling assistance to employees, promptly and effectively.


Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP)

CAC staff have completed certified training in the effective facilitation of PGAP®.  PGAP is an evidence-based program targeting psycho-social barriers to recovery and rehabilitation for clients suffering from debilitating health or mental health conditions. 


The PGAP is an empirically supported intervention shown to reduce disability and contribute to successful return-to-work in individuals with back pain, whiplash, fibromyalgia, cancer, depression, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

A brief video outlining PGAP can be viewed here:

The application of PGAP has been embraced by many large organisations, workers compensation authorities, and life insurance agencies across the world, including throughout North America, and more recently in Australia.

A more detailed video, which explains the research and evidence behind the effectiveness of PGAP in supporting recovery, can be viewed here.  If you would like to find out more about the Progressive Goal Attainment Program, please contact CAC to discuss.  You can also view the PGAP website at www.PGAPworks.com.

Disability Employment Services

CAC is an approved provider of Supported Wage Assessments and Ongoing Support Assessments under the Department of Social Services.  We have approved Assessors across Australia that deliver these services supporting people with disabilities to sustain meaningful and productive employment. 

CAC also delivers Disability Employment Services through our dedicated service team, About2Work.

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Counselling Appraisal Consultants

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