If you have been injured at work...

If you have been injured at work, and submitted a workers compensation claim, you are entitled to receive support from an Occupational Rehabilitation (OR) Provider. 


As shown in this video from WorkSafe, our role as an approved OR Provider is to provide professional, independent assistance with your return to work. 


Our involvement is focused on ensuring that work options take into account any restrictions relating to your injury, and that work will support your recovery.  This includes identification of 'suitable duties', and may include aspects of the work you usually do, or other work offered on a short-term basis.

In Victoria, there are two types of Occupational Rehabilitation:

Original Employer Services (OES)

The focus of OES is to support injured workers with returning to work with their current employer, with the long-term goal of resuming usual work tasks.  A CAC Rehabilitation Consultant (with a background in Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychology or Nursing) will be allocated to support your return to work, based on the established health benefits of engaging in suitable work (in addition to the negative impacts of being off work for extended periods).

The OES process involves interactions with you, your employer and your treating health practitioners, to understand your current situation and treatment, and to explore options for a suitable return to work when you have the capacity to do so.  The Certificates of Capacity from your treaters guide any return to work activity.  The Rehabilitation Consultant will assist your workplace to identify duties that are suitable for your stage of recovery, and the details are documented in a return to work plan. OES is designed to support getting back to work on a gradual basis, which may mean initially starting off working shorter hours in these suitable duties.

If the work-related injury or other factors mean that you are unable to return to work to your usual role or workplace in the long-term, other options may be explored, including possible New Employer Services to assist you to identify and find a new job.

New Employer Services (NES)

NES is a flexible service that supports you in identifying and securing new employment, where it is no longer possible to return to your original role, if you have already ceased employment with your original employer, or other similar circumstances apply.  An experienced CAC Vocational Consultant (with particular expertise in training and employment) will be allocated to provide NES services to you. 


NES services generally include (but are not limited to): ​

  • Resume preparation and cover letter assistance;

  • Interview coaching and support with approaching new employers;

  • Coaching around injury disclosure, including having access to the WISE incentive program;

  • Regular face-to-face meetings and/or telephone appointments with your Vocational Consultant to support you at all times.

Upon receiving a referral (from the managing insurance company or agent) to provide you with OR support, one of our staff will make contact to discuss your circumstances, answer any initial questions you might have, and arrange a time to meet so that we can begin providing the most appropriate service. 

Our team takes pride in making a difference in people's lives - we look forward to supporting you with your return to work.