Our Policy and Commitment to Quality

CAC’s Quality Policy is to deliver effective return to work assistance, employment services, and workplace health interventions to our customers, providing a level of service that consistently meets or exceeds their needs and expectations.  Our quality objectives are:

  • We endeavour to consistently satisfy the expectations of our customers with regards to service and satisfaction (including demonstration of our Values).

  • We will monitor and measure the quality and effectiveness of our service delivery, to ensure that we meet (or exceed) service expectations, and satisfy regulatory compliance requirements wherever required.

  • We will support and develop our key resource; our people.  This includes ensuring the necessary physical environment, infrastructure, and professional development to deliver a quality service.

  • We will promptly review any complaints or negative feedback, and provide a timely response.

  • We are committed to continual improvement of our Quality Management System.

CAC is focused upon people.  We seek to understand, and to make a difference.  Our team is guided by our key values:



We listen... to better understand.

Our interactions are non-judgemental.

We recognise individual experiences, and the overall impact of unexpected interruptions upon a person's life.


We acknowledge and appreciate different views and approaches.

We seek to consistently demonstrate high standards of professional conduct.

We respect individual needs.


We are honest and transparent.

Our role is to be consistent and reliable.


We strive to achieve positive outcomes.

We challenge ourselves and others.

We embrace development opportunities.


Our focus is upon health and wellbeing.

Care is at the heart of what we do.

Care locks in our involvement with all our clients.

Our Team

CAC has been in operation for over 20 years.  During this time, we have developed a strong reputation for effective service delivery, particularly in relation to complex injuries.  We are able to meet the varying needs of stakeholders through the development of effective working relationships built around trust, respect of diversity, and the ability to adapt.

Our staff include Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Rehabilitation Counsellors, Osteopaths, Vocational and Employment Specialists, Exercise Physiologists, and Ergonomists.  All staff are experienced in the delivery of innovative and effective assessments, training programs, and associated interventions.  These services support safe and sustainable return to work following injury and other life disruptions, or facilitate improved workplace wellbeing and productivity.

Meet the CAC Management Team below:

Paul Serong

Managing Director

Paul is responsible for overall management and business development, which includes keeping both our staff and customers happy!  Paul has also held positions as CEO and Managing Director, and worked in Senior Management of organisations for over 25 years, specialising in Insurance and Disability Claims Management.  Previously Paul was CEO and Managing Director for 7 years at Xchanging Limited (previously Cambridge Australia). Paul was previously a Field Umpire with the AFL, umpiring 113 AFL/VFL games. Paul is an avid golfer, and Grandfather of two delightful grandchildren.

Diana Farrow

Branch Manager

Diana had worked in a clinical Physiotherapy setting for several years prior to 2014, when she joined the team at CAC to enter the Occupational Rehabilitation sector.  Diana's strong clinical background and problem-solving skills have assisted her to achieve outcomes with a variety of strategies on complex cases. She has also engaged with a range of employers and work environments to implement injury prevention training. Diana is keen to continue sharing her skills and experience across the OES team, so that injured workers and employers can be assisted to navigate the complexities of injury management and safe return to work.  In her spare time, Diana can be found on the golf course, or enjoying time with family and friends.

Christina C

Team Manager - New Employer Services

Christina has delivered and managed services within the Victorian New Employer Services scheme for over nine years.  Prior to this, she ran a state-wide Youth Support Service and held various Sales and Marketing positions alongside holding tertiary qualifications in Social Sciences and Business.  Christina's experience in dealing with complex and diverse cases within employment and youth sectors enables her to provide comprehensive guidance and support to our NES team, as well as Agent representatives and Employers.  She is passionate about ongoing personal and professional development, and imparting this onto her colleagues and associates.  In her spare time, Christina enjoys travel, whether it be local, interstate or overseas!





"Nina was always there for me. She understands what PTSD is and how it affects people in different ways. Thanks for showing you really do care Nina.

Nina Keller A+++++"

- Worker, March 2021





"Hello Patrick, I would like to thank you for your swift replies and for staying on top of this claim with me!

You have provided exceptional service and were truly a mentor for me during this journey.

I appreciate all your effort, until next time..."

- RTWC Large Employer, February 2021


Awards & Recognition

Recent awards won by the team at CAC include:

Innovation in Return to Work Award, 2019  -  Capacity Support Service innovation

Australian Rehabilitation Provider Association (Victoria) Awards

Innovation in Return to Work Award, 2018  -  CAC and Dyson Group of Companies

ARPA National Excellence in Workplace Rehabilitation Awards

Outstanding Consultant (Original Employer Services), 2018  -  Julie Oughtred

Australian Rehabilitation Provider Association (Victoria) Awards

Innovation in Return to Work Award, 2018  -  CAC and Dyson Group of Companies

Australian Rehabilitation Provider Association (Victoria) Awards

Exceptional Leadership Award, 2017  -  Rob Eldridge

Australian Rehabilitation Provider Association (Victoria) Awards

Best New Starter (New Employer Services), 2017  -  Danielle Neal

Australian Rehabilitation Provider Association (Victoria) Awards

Outstanding Consultant (Original Employer Services), 2015  -  Naomi Smith

Australian Rehabilitation Provider Association (Victoria) Awards

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